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Getting Started in Archery
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Getting Started in Archery

Question: I'm really interested in trying archery - how do I get started?

Answer:   We get asked this question everyday.   We generally recommend that you begin with a Taster Session (see below).   These sessions are designed to give you a taste of archery and to see if it is something which you might want to continue.   You can do one session or more - it is up to you.  We provide all the equipment and some basic coaching.    When you are ready to move on we recommend that you enroll in one of our OzBow Archery Instruction Courses (see below).  This course will introduce you to the techniques of archery and give you a really good idea of where you want to take it next.   There are many options from there and your instructor will go through these with you as part of the course.

Question:   My son/daughter/grandchild/niece/nephew is interested in trying archery - what do you recommend?

Answer:  Archery is suitable for all ages from 8 - 80+ and is an ideal outlet for children of all abilities.  Not all children express their interest in the same way though.  Some children just want to have a bit of  fun with archery - and might get serious later - and others really want to learn all about it and perhaps move into club activities and competition.  Arrows Plus provides options for both of  these.   Our OzBow Kids Club (see below) is designed  for children to have some fun with archery and learn some elementary skills in a fun, social environment.   For those children who are keen to learn more about archery with a view to doing this as a sport or recreational activity then the Kids Club Pro program or the OzBow Archery Instruction course may be for them.   The Kids Club & Kids Club Pro are children only whilst the OzBow Archery Instruction Course is a mixture of both adults and children.   If you aren't sure which programme will suit your child give us a ring or come in and have a chat.

Question:   Are your instructors qualified?

Answer:  All our instructors are fully trained in the skills of archery through programs approved by Archery Australia and the Australian Sports Commission.

Question:   Do your team members have Working With Children Checks?

Answer:   Yes - all our instructors have WWCCs in accordance with the legislation.

Question:   Do you do individual training as well as group training?

Answer:   Yes.  If the group courses don't suit you we can provide individual training with a qualified instructor.   Available times for this can be limited but we can generally find mutually agreeable times to do this.   It can be outside our normal trading hours if necessary.   Individual sessions are charged at $45 per hour with each session generally being 1.5hours.   Individual training plans will be developed in consultation with you.

Question:  Do you do cater for groups?

Answer:  Yes we cater for groups of all kinds from social to corporate.   It is best to contact our Event Co-ordinator to discuss your requirements.   Irene can be contacted on 0417 538 672.


Never tried archery before - here is your chance. We have an international standard indoor range which is great for experienced archers and for those who just want to give archery a try. Out of the weather and especially the wind, this is an all year round activity. We are open six days a week including weekends so contact us and arrange to come and have a go.

Groups are welcome. If you are looking for something different to try for your ladies group, your local bowling club, your mature citizens group, etc, then contact us and discuss. Archery is a sport for all abilities and ages.

Taster Sessions are run right through the week - our opening times are on the home page.  Cost $15 per hour per person.

Bookings are essential.  Phone 03 8360 9614 Email:


Ever wanted to try archery? Ever wanted to be like Merida in Brave? Fancy yourself to be as good as Katniss? Looking to become an Olympic athlete? Just want to have a whole lot of fun? Then archery is for you and now is the time to start.

If you are aged from 8 -13, the OzBow Kids Club is a great way to have some fun, learn some skills and get started in one of the safest sports in the world. A study in 2008 by Sports Medicine Australia found that 24% of parents do not allow their children to play sport for fear they will get hurt or injured.   Suitable for children 8+ archery is one of the safest sports you can do. In fact, Archery is safer than all ball sports combined.

All our Instructors are fully trained in the skills of archery through programs approved by the Australian Sports Commission and all our Instructors have a Working With Children Check (WWCC). 


Archery is a sport for all abilities and caters to archers from 8+ to 80+. Arrows Plus provides beginners to Archery with a program to lay the foundations for active participation in the sport. Participants will have the opportunity to develop the basic techniques and skills and start them on a pathway of lifelong learning and enjoyment. This course is part of the Archery Australia OzBow Program.

The OzBow Archery Instruction Course runs for 6 Weeks with formal instruction mixed with practical application and qualifying (achieving minimum scores) at various distances. Courses run on either a Saturday afternoon or a Sunday morning for 2 hours per week.

The cost for the course is $190-00 per participant. This includes all equipment required should the new archer not have their own equipment. All courses are facilitated by qualified instructors. Payment options are available on request

We run approximately one course per month so register your interest by ringing Irene on 0417 538 672. You can also email us on  .

Just give us a ring or drop us an email for details of the course  schedule.


The official opening arrows  shot by Alan Weston (Life Member of Werribee Archery Inc) and Trevor Filmer (CEO of Archery Victoria) on Australia Day 2010 (26 January 2010)
The other impressive characters in the 2nd picture are our founding partners - Antonette Schulze, Leslie Schulze, Luke Norman and Irene Norman

On our opening day we had a few glasses of bubbly with some snacks

Some of the first people on our range - Kirsten Filmer, Daryl Schulze and Cameron Sutherland

Werribee Archery Inc Indoor League 1st Shoot for 2010

The Range

This is what it looked like before 26th January 2010

Shop Fitout Progressive Photos

Key Day


Luke killing the spiders and other critters

Starting the Floor

Floor Done

Taking Shape

Safety Wall

Almost Done

Starting to look like a range

More Butts for Indoor Challenge Events

Fridge Stocked for Tuesday Opening

Irene's Comment:  I lost 6kg in 6 weeks building this place.   A hard way to lose weight but very effective.


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