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Archery is a sport/activity which is very individual.  Arrows Plus has been set up to ensure that the needs of each individual are met.   We don't keep a huge range of stock on hand - all the basics are there though.   We do, however, have excellent suppliers who can help us meet your needs in a timely and effective manner.   We prefer to make sure that you get the right equipment and advice rather than just sell you what is on the shelf.   If you don't see it below doesn't mean we don't have it or can't get it.  In most cases we can match the price of any Australian dealer.   Give us a try - you won't regret it.

Heaps of stock on hand.  Plus we can order in whatever you need.   We cater for target archers, hunters and traditional archers.   Whatever your equipment need, just ask.

We also have a fully operational workshop where we can tune your equipment, make your arrows, make strings and carry out repairs and maintenance.

Full Range Titan Scopes at our Archery Shop

Easton Products in stock

Soma Products in Stock

Cartel Products in Stock

Titan Scopes

        Hunter Scope                       Target Scope                    Recurve Scope




Lots of different quivers in stock including:

 Easton Hip Quivers               Easton Field Quivers                          Easton Belts Sml/Med/Lrg


Bohning Quivers Different Colours

Cartel Quivers

  • Bugs
  • 3 Tube
  • 4 Tube
Arrows Shafts


  • Eclipse 2315
  • XX75 2315
  • Jazz - great for light weight bows
  • Blues - terrific for the kids
  • Powerflights - fantastic for hunting
  • Epics N-Fused
  • Excel N-Fused
  • Light Speed
  • Light Speed 3D
  • Carbon 1 - good, mid-range arrow
  • ACG - getting professional now
Top End Arrows can be ordered on Specifications given

 Wood Archery Products

Premium Port Orford Cedar

Shafts 5/16 - 11/32 - 23/64 - all in stock

Traditional Bows in Stock
  • Horse Bows - Hungarian
  • Long Bow
  • English Long Bow

Leather Bow Quivers

Leather Gloves

Leather Arm Gaurds



Cartel Midas


Fletches - Vanes

Flex Fletch - 1.87; 2.3

Plasti Fletch - 1.75; 2; 2.3; 3; 4

X Vanes - 1.5

Low Profile Indoor

Blazers - 2

Realease Aids

Carter - Hands Release Aids - Thumb and Back Tension

Fletcher - Wrist Release Aids

Cobra -Wrist Release Aids

Scott - Wrist Release Aids

Arrows Rest


Spot Hogg

Trophy Taker


Pro Hunter


Shibuya Ultima



Cartel Target

Shibuya Target


Shibuya DX

Cartel Midas Plus


Sureloc Challenger

Sureloc Supreme

Cartel Junior

Cartel Medalist Lite

Cartel Midas Max Compound Target

Shibuya Dual Click Carbon

Shibuya Dual Click X' Treme


Maitland (exclusive Australian Dealer)





and just ask about anything else

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