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Bow Setups Repair & Maintenance

Bow Setups Repair & Maintenance

Question:  Do you sell bows?

Answer:   Absolutely.   We don't hold a lot of bows in stock as we tend to customise for our clients.    We will sit down with you and work out what you are looking for, make sure we measure you up for your bow and help you through the whole process.   We will then order in what you need and set it up for you when it arrives.   Our prices are on par with most dealers within Australia.   If you purchase your bow from Arrows Plus we set the bow up for you as part of our service.   It isn't only bows of course.  We deal in anything archery related.  Give us an opportunity to quote you a price.  You won't be disappointed.

Question:  Can you help me set up my bow?

Answer:   If you purchase your bow from Arrows Plus we set the bow up for you as part of our service.   If you have purchased a bow elsewhere we will still help you set it up for a small fee.  We have experts in all bow types (recurve, compound, longbow, other traditional) and can help you get the most out of your equipment.   All bows are different but it generally takes 0.5 to 1 hour to get a bow set up and show you how to set your sights etc if you need that service.   It is best to book in a time to get your bow set up so we can make sure we have the right people available to you.   When booking in for a bow set up allow yourself  1 - 2 hours - especially if you want to sight in for your first distance.  Our costs for bow set up are $25 per half hour.  You may also need to pay for range time ($15 per hour).  To book in for a bow set up just ring us on 03 8360 9614 to make a time.   Please specify that you need your bow set up when you make the booking.


Question:  I need some new arrows - can you help?

Answer:   Absolutely.  We have a large range of arrows in stock and can source almost any type of arrow you are looking for.   We have ready made arrows and make up arrows to your specifications.   We also provide all the components and equipment for you to make your own arrows if you wish.   

Question:  If I want to order some arrows, what information do I need to tell you?

Answer:   Great question.   Arrows are very individual and need to match your bow.  When ordering arrows you need to be able to tell us what the draw weight of your bow is (this is usually written on the bottom limb of your bow), your draw length (how far you pull the bow back) and if possible the weight of the point you want in your arrows.   You will also need to think about what colours you want for your fletches and the size and shape of your fletches.   Don't get too stressed if you don't know these things.   We can help guide you through the process either in person or on the phone or email.   The most important thing to remember is that you should buy your bow first before you buy arrows as they need to match to ensure optimal performance. 

Question:  I don't live locally - can you send my arrows and other items out to me?

Answer:   Yes we can.  Most items can be posted to you.   We generally use Australia Post and unless it is a large/heavy order we generally absorb the cost of posting the items - so no charge to you.   We reserve the right to charge you for postage and handling though and will advise you if we are going to do so when you place the order.

Question:  I need a new string for my bow - do you sell them?

Answer:   We can help you with strings.   We can buy in a specific string for you and we can make strings as needed.   For most modern bows we generally order in strings to specification.  For older bows it is often necessary to make up a string and we can do that on site.  We will also fit your new string for you.   It usually takes 1 - 2 weeks to get a string in and fit it to your bow (usually 1 week) and it takes a similar time to make a string up - depending on workload it could be done quicker.  Give us a ring to discuss your needs (03 8360 9614).   We have stocks of some recurve strings available in store.  The cost of strings will vary depending on your bow.

Question:  I've just resurrected an old bow from under the bed/in the garage/from the attic and need to know if it is still ok to shoot - can you help?

Answer:  You need to take care when using a bow which hasn't been shot for a while.   Strings in particular can degrade.   It is strongly recommended that you bring in your bow for a check-up before you use it again.   We will check the bow thoroughly to ensure that it is safe to shoot and set up properly for you.   Sometimes the bow will not be usable and we will tell you that up front.   The cost to refurbish a bow will vary according to what needs to be done.   We can provide you with an estimate up front so you know what you are likely to be up for.   The timeframe on checking and refurbishing a bow will vary according to what needs to be done and workloads.   


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