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Come and Try Sessions

Come and Try sessions are 1 hour @ $15-00 per hour


If you have never done archery before (or not for a long while) Come and Try will introduce you to the sport.   You will be provided with a safety brief and some basic instruction to get you on your way.    Most people do 3-10 sessions before moving on to a more structured Beginner’s Course.   Of course you can do any number of sessions and continue at this level for as long as you like.  It is up to you.


There are a number of different disciplines in archery.  You might like the more traditional ‘recurve’ bow or the more technologically advanced ‘compound’ bow.  We will generally start you on a recurve bow or a limited compound bow (genesis).   All equipment is provided and included in the price.


You generally need to be 8 years or older to draw back a bow but come in a see us and we will assess whether your child is ready or not.  At the other end of the age scale there are no limits – masters and veteran shooters are most welcome.


Price is $15.00 P/hr


All archery equipment to shoot with is supplied for free

Qualified Coaches will supervise the sessions.


Conditions may vary due to availability of equipment on a day
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