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Arrows Plus Indoor Challenge
Werribee Archery Indoor League

Arrows Plus Indoor Challenge


This is a very special event exclusive to Arrows Plus and suitable for experienced archers only.  If you are looking for something different or new or just want to be challenged, this is for you.

Basic Outline


Target Butts will be placed at different locations “high; low; different distances” in the indoor range, meaning a very technical shoot similar to Field shooting at short distance. The target butts will be 900mm in size and have different lighting as well as being placed at different angles (not at an angle which is likely to cause damage to arrows)


The challenge will be to shoot the highest score on 40mm new design FITA Field faces “inner 6 score” in the time frame shown on the time display screen and only shoot when the light indicates you are allowed to.


Distances will vary from 5m to 20.5m, which does not mean it is an exact meter distance, could be 5.3m or 16.1m. We will give an estimated indication of what the distance could be.  For example we may say that the distance is estimated at 10m but this could vary from 9.2m to 10.9m.   So the distances will vary from the indication but will not exceed one meter + or – either side.


The scores will be added over a 2 shoot period “A & B” and the highest score achieved wins.  You may choose to shoot 1 or 2 shoots in any APIC event.


Prizes will be awarded for the APIC shoots.   The Shooting Schedule will be posted at the beginning of each calendar year and these shoots will accumulate prize money throughout this period.


There will also be monthly awards equivalent to 10% of the entry fees received each month.   10% will also accumulate towards the yearly championship award.  The more entries per month the greater the rewards.   (The value of the prize will be posted before shooting commences at each event.)



  1. Safety will be paramount.   All safety violations will be taken very seriously and a score of zero will be attributed for anyone incurring a safety violation.   The determination of whether a safety violation has been incurred will be at the discretion of the judge appointed on the night.
  2. The maximum shoots allowed per one day scheduled shooting is two “2” 
  3. Only 3 Arrows per butt per target face are permitted to be shot. More than 3 arrows shot per target face is a disqualification “no score”.
  4. Maximum arrow size allowed for the indoor challenge is 9.3mm. Thicker arrows shot will be disqualified “no score”
  5. No hunting arrows are permitted on the range and no hunting arrows are to be shot. That includes broad head arrows.
  6. Maximum bow poundage is 60 pounds. No poundage above 60pounds draw weight will be permitted on the range.
  7. Shooting Sequences will be different per shoot. This will be displayed each night at the range and only this sequence may be shot. If not followed you will be disqualified “no score”. The shooting line will have numbers and that will indicate the shooting point.
  8. The time allowed to shoot per target face will be indicated by the display on the time keeping system.
  9. Archers that shoot longer than the permitted time will be disqualified “no score”
  10. A $25-00 dollar fee is applicable for every shoot, which means if you shoot a second round on that day it is covered by the $25-00.
  11. All archery equipment used must be safe to use. If not safe you will not be permitted to shoot at the indoor range.
  12. All arrows must be kept in a quiver at all times. All arrows used for the Arrows Plus Indoor Challenge are to be placed in a quiver normally used for archery. No exceptions to this rule will be accepted.
  13. During Shooting Intervals all archers are to remove their archery equipment from the range.

Basic Layout of the Range


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